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About SmartKids SmartParents®

SmartKids SmartParents® advocates financial literacy for people of all ages and is designed as a destination place for financial education through books & seminars, online resources, shared success stories. Most importantly, it is a place to find simple solutions that can positively impact your financial landscape. Whether a child or adult, learning about money does not need to be boring and dull.

From her passion for spreading financial literacy, she created a mission statement that reads "To support and strengthen families worldwide with a simple educational approach to personal and financial stability."

About Fran Christie

Fran Christie is the Founder of SmartKids SmartParents® an author, speaker and entrepreneur. She sees first hand the ramifications of zero education relating to money in families.  Her 1st book “101 Money Tips for Kids & Parents” is a refreshing and simple approach with tips on saving and earning money for kids, adults and families. Here, Fran offers you advice that comes from both her heart and her experience.

Fran has worked in the financial field, sales and marketing for the past 30 years. Out of that expertise she began her journey with SmartKids SmartParents 10 years ago and now books, ebooks, a website, private consultations and group presentations have all come to fruition. She is a Certified Money Coach with the Money Coaching Institute, and a member of the Canadian Association of Management Consultants of Canada (CMC-Canada).

While talking with friends and clients, she discovered, that like herself, they had not been taught basic money principles like saving and budgeting while growing up. She thought if it’s true of the people she knows, it surely must be true of the majority of the population.

Fran’s passion for financial education extends beyond money. She clearly views money as an important tool in life. How we handle money contributes to individual character and often family stability. Much of Fran’s passion comes from her belief that the family is the nucleus of our society and that money trouble is a common source of conflict & breakup within families.

Fran is a business woman who has always valued and demonstrated a strong work ethic.  She knows the hard work it takes to be successful and the self-discipline to takes to save and to spend wisely. Currently, Fran finds great satisfaction in supporting young entrepreneurs and is committed to assisting those who are wanting to understand their relationship to money better during these current economic times.

From her home in a beautiful seaside community south of Vancouver, BC, Fran is an avid reader and researcher. Fran loves the outdoors, enjoys hiking, sailing and horseback riding. Her priorities are spiritual and personal development which she mainly fulfills through personal health, physical fitness and strong family values.